Connections in Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual maturity is acquiring full trust in God and His promises while living out the message of the Gospel. Essential elements of spiritual maturity transpire in relational contexts through healthy attachments within family, social systems, cultural, academic and/or faith communities. However, first and foremost, one can grow and become spiritually mature through a direct relationship with God who is the divine provider of wisdom and will lead one to discover necessary discipline. God is able to grow someone towards spiritual maturity according to His will regardless of the worlds expectations.

Consider how the world would live in better accordance if we gave each other the benefit of the doubt, especially when one is in a vulnerable situation. Be mindful by taking interest and time to listen to each others narrative story. When one is transparent and someone takes respectful time to listen, one can inspire and empower the best interest of the other by realizing this person is being courageous and in the process of spiritual growth. Be ready to notice the dynamic stirring of the Holy Spirit and invite life-giving conversations.

Humility is  a human quality and often a result in one who has experienced pain and suffering; which also contributes as a movement towards spiritual maturity. Living with pain or embarrassment caused by the contexts of this world gives way to the longing for love and peace and serenity. When we are able to live in peace with God, we are in a better place to accept His plan for us and learn by accepting mistakes made by ourselves and others.

To be spiritually mature and live as a disciple requires discipline. Christ is our model for a spiritually disciplined life. It is of utmost importance as we walk with Christ and dwell with the Holy Spirit to maintain a personal plan of discipline. This includes engaging in both personal and community worship as well as setting aside time for meaningful conversations/prayer with both God, friends and family.

To be mindful of our commitment to God requires obedience and responsibility by holding ourselves and each other accountable to our actions in love.  Consider discipline an aspect to love and a quality to maturity.  However, I believe discipline is not rigid but fluid as we seek to live in a graceful and unified relationship with Jesus Christ and the world. Spiritual maturity is an ongoing process of transformation in faith;  being loyal to God’s love and trust as we seek to take care of oneself in order to properly care for others. By passionately pursuing Christ over our personal will and truly turning our lives over to His will; one can discover His creation and purpose in us as we participate in wonderful and amazing creation. All while we live in loving relationship both with Christ and with each other as Holy fellowship.

Indeed, we are not to fear what the world brings but instead desire peace and live in God’s divine presence.

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful. (John 14:27)


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Aspects of Joy

Abundant Accepts Achieves Acts Admires Admits Affirms Amazes Animates Appears Appreciates Astonishes Awakes Awe

Beautiful Believes Belongs Benefits Best Birth Blessed Bliss Bold Bonds Brave Breathes Breathtaking Bright Brilliant Bubble

Cares Carries Celebrates Cherish Classic Cleanses Clear Creates Creative Creator Compels Conducive Consistent Contagious

Courageous Colorful Compassionate Comes Comforts Congratulates Connects Consumes Contemplates Counsels Cute Delightful Dwells Dynamic Elated

Ecstatic Effervescent Emotion  Endearing Endures Encourages Enhances Enlightens

Essence Essential Everlasting Exasperate Exact Exceptional Excellent Excites Expands Exhaust Expects Exuberant Faith Familiar

Family Fluctuates Flows Focus Follows Forgiving Foundational Free Fresh Friendly Fruitful Fulfills Fun Generous Gift Giving Graduates

Glorious Great Greets God Good Gorgeous Grace Gratitude Grows Handsome Happy Harmony Heals Heart Heartfelt

Heaven Health Here Holy Honor Hope   Human Humble Humor Ignites Illuminates Important Intense Intimate  Includes Inflates

Innocent Insightful  Inspires Inspiration Insists Intercepts Invites Jesus Jubilant Kind Laughter Liberates Leads Life Lifts Light

Lingers Listens Lives Loud Love  Magnificent Magnifies Majestic Moment Marvelous Meaningful Measured Memory  Mercy

Miraculous Moment Momentous Motivates Moves Movement Music  Natural Nature Near Necessary Nurtures

Offers Open Outrageous Overwhelms Passionate Paints Parents Peace Peaceful Perfect Permissive Personal Playful Pleasing Plentiful

Positive Powerful Praise Prayer Precious Prepares Present Pretty Promises Prompt  Profound Providing

Promotes Purpose Quiet Quite Radical Radiant Real Recognizes Relief Reality Refresh Relaxes Remarkable Renew Rests Restore Reveals

Revels Rises Satisfies Secures Sensational Sentiment Serene Serenity Serious Serves Shares Shines Significant Simple Smiles Sparkles Speaks Speechless

Solitude Social Soft Song Spiritual Splendid Spontaneous Strong Sweet Soul Success Sufficient Surprise Surrender Tradition Thankful Tender Terrific

Testimony Timeless Together Touches Traditional Transcends Transparent Tremendous Trust True Valued Vulnerable Victorious Welcome Well Will Wonders Wonderful Worship

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Positive Life Lessons

1. Do not let others sabotage your life. Even people who love you can try to control you and rain on your parade. This is a toxic relationship, do not feed into this or allow this to happen, detach from someone with love. Create healthy boundaries!

2. Live in the moment. Embrace the present, do not be anxious for the future; God has a plan and purpose for you.  When we want to rush ahead of God’s plan into the future, we may miss the growth opportunities along the way. Your duty is to find this through worship, His Word, prayer and service. Rest in His arms. He’s got this!

3. God will answer your prayer in the way He believes is suitable. Even when it is His perfect timing, He may interrupt and put you where He wants you to be according to His plan. It may not be what you want, but it is what you need.  Father God knows best! Always.

4. Take special care of your own heart and soul, then wait on God!  When we are the best we can be; we are better equipped to be in a relationship that will honor Him.

5. Patience with God, ourselves and others is essential. More than any of us may have ever thought. Patience brings grace, space and in turn room to grow.
*Do not let emotion rule you*  Take life, love and relationships slow, nurture healthy foundations. Baby steps. You are God’s child!

6. Enjoy life’s journey. No matter what the circumstances, look for the blessings, you may not see them right away, but they will rise in reflection when we put our Trust in Jesus Christ.

7. Fight for your faith, fight the good fight. Always find hope in God’s promises and belong in His community.
Love God, let Him love you and Press ON.

Peace Always,



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A Tribute to a Decade!

Today, August Eighth 2012, marks not only a milestone of my daughters turning double digits and the miracles of motherhood, yet an entire decade of amazing, humbling, life changing blessings. A sincere 10 years of layers of colorful contrast, a spectrum of many dimensions, a significant discovery of my soul’s distinctive journey in God’s plan. I have been given many challenges of vast emotion and opportunity.     Relationship with God first, front and center. Relationships with family, friends, with someone special, with the world, with myself. Attach, detach, connect disconnect.
Praying, seeking, healing, growing, forming and discerning with The Holy Spirit.
Finding Life in death, lightness in darkness, joy in pain,trust in distrust, strength in weakness, courage in discourage. Wisdom in knowledge, positive in negative, belief in disbelief. Test into testimony.
By submitting, admitting, forgiving and surrendering my life to Christ, I have asked and received the gifts of salvation and transformation. Living and breathing for Him, I have traded the worlds expectations for His creation in me which is a most wonderful place. With God’s help, learning then turning lessons into profound blessings.
Walking with Christ is love in its truest form. Rest in weary, grace in space, patience in impatience, content in discontent. Benefit in vulnerability and transparency. Sharing hearts and guarding hearts. Creating boundaries, wow. Enjoying the simple things in life while waiting on God. Striving for serenity and peace.
Understand that I do not understand all the why’s, yet by faith in God’s trust and promise with a merciful plea by prayer towards ongoing hope, purpose will prevail in His perfect time.
Dear Lord Jesus, I am eternally grateful, and in awe of Your work in my life, please continue to show me Your unique plan of boldness and survival as a way of balance applied to all my roles as Your child and into the garden of community as to produce fruits of The Holy Spirit then speak and act love into the lives of others. All to bring you the glory!
In Jesus Name, Amen.

With Heartfelt Love,


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